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tableThe project leader (Victoria Pease) oversees project management and accounting. The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) for theCALE project includes the co-leaders of the seven region teams. The SSC meets annually and is responsible for coordinating the project and project deliverables, prioritizing science, scheduling the Network Workshops, and providing feedback/advice to the regional Teams. 
 regional teams work independently and disseminate their scientific results via the annual Network Workshops. Regional advisors also provide support for bathymetry (Larry Meyer, Martin Jakobsson), Arctic gravity and magnetic data (R. Saltus), geophysical numerical modelling (N. Kusznir), and tectonic reconstructions (J. Skogseid).

CALE’s SSC includes:

R. Stephenson (University of Aberdeen), R. Jackson (Geological Survey of Canada), K. Dewing (Geological Survey of Canada), B. Coakley (University of Fairbanks), E. Miller (Stanford University), W. Jokat (Alfred Wegener Institute), S. Drachev (ExxonMobile), R. Scott (Cambridge University), V. Verzhbitsky (TGS), V. Pease (Stockholm University), J. Faleide (University of Oslo), Y. Roslov (SeismoShelf), O. Petrov (VSEGEI, St. Petersburg), and A. Morosov (Russian Ministry).